The Ultimate Plumbers Guide to Productivity in 3 Major Business Hacks

A Snap-It courier delivering spare parts with our iconic orange bag

It's fair to say that for those in the plumbing industry, resupplying is probably the most time consuming and painful aspect of time management in a plumber's day. As a result, warehouse and shop productivity are critical to making the most of your time.

When you work as a plumber, you wake up and first need to load up on supplies - if your merchant doesn't have what you need, it's a stop at the supply warehouse, then you complete one job and it's back to the supply warehouse before starting the next.

After years of seeing how much time is wasted racing about, plumbers have adapted to new technologies and productivity hacks:

  1. Snap-it has an online catalogue of all spare parts linked to a quick and effective delivery system that can be accessed from the comfort of your phone. This allows plumbers to arrive at their jobs each morning with all of the items they'll need.

Another major hack in productivity is hiring the right people. Employees need to want to work in new ways and adapt to new company procedures. Finding the correct talent for your workforce is difficult, and recruiting is expensive, so tradesmen must frequently decide whether to invest time and money in training new hires.

Bad habits can ruin a new worker's progress in your company, especially if they are unable to adapt and adjust, but bad attitudes are a larger worry. Our next productivity hack is:

  1. Hire people who are willing to learn, adapt and adjust to your processes. Make sure their attitude to removing old habits and learning new techniques or technologies is positive. Remember that sometimes removing a rotten apple from the tree will help safeguard your business and the group.

Our last productivity hack for plumbers and business owners in general, is related to adapting to change and being overall more organised. Organisation is a major productivity hack and it’s never too late to change you and your business way of working:

  1. Take time to organise your week and jobs. Declutter your van and manage your space by cleaning and ordering any spare parts you use in your regular week. Some apps like Snap-iT allow you to schedule weekly deliveries to your doorstep and van. Look at your work week and make a list of everything you may need, don't worry if you forget anything, you can always get bits and pieces delivered through the app in roughly 30 minutes anyway!