The Secrets of C-Tec

A Snap-It courier delivering spare parts with our iconic orange bag

Nicola Walsh, Director of Sales and Marketing, from C-Tec met the Snap-It team, Todd Glister and Andrew Cam at Snap-It office to share how C-Tec became one of the most innovative brands in the construction industry.

How did you build up such a successful brand? 

It’s really a team effort. All of our sales, tech reps and directors are constantly beating the drum out there! Also, we’re famous for our Demo Mornings to educate our audience on the benefits of using C-Tec products. Education and word of mouth have been key to raising awareness and explaining all the USP’s of our products.

CT1 is a professional tradesperson product. In terms of Marketing we’ve a unique distribution and utilise different channels to communicate our USP’s through trade shows, publications, social media, influencer marketing, videos and much more.

Our success is down to our team that are spreading the word every day and also to loyal customers who share their suggestions with us.

What inspired the whole idea of creating this unique sealant?

The founders of CT1 were very savvy entrepreneurs and they realised there was a niche in the building industry. There was high demand for housing, better insulation, and consumers wanted more for their houses. The demand on the building industry was going up but the technology development was flat, not following the new needs in the market. So, there was a huge gap in the market. 

Initially we put a lot of effort and investment on research to understand what problems customers would like to see solved in the building industry. They wanted a product that could solve many problems: a product that could be a sealant and used as an adhesive at the same time; it wouldn’t crack or shrink; it could be painted; it could be used under water and so on. This technology was developed and therefore CT1 was borned. CT1 is a problem solver product. 

CT1 is now a Tribrid Hybrid product. We were the first ones to develop Tribrid technology. Tradespeople constantly want more, they demand high performance products that last for longer. It’s a new and revolutionary technology that C-Tec brought to the market.

We also use Tribrid technology on our BT1 product that is predominantly used for bathrooms. It stays white for over 25 years and no bacteria or fungus can grow on it. 

What is CT1 doing to alleviate its impact on the environment?

First of all, we help reduce landfill waste because builders and people on the job only need to use one product, one cartridge to solve multiple problems instead of 8 or 9 cartridges they used before CT1 was available in the market. 

We need to think about the future and we’ve now developed an eco-cartridge. It is made 90% of recyclable material and you can recycle it again. We are again the first ones to bring an innovative solution to the industry. 

Also, our stands are made from recyclable materials. We look at all aspects of our business to be eco-compliant. 

What are the main reasons to partner with Snap-It?

First of all and most important is our common environmental strategy to reduce the industry carbon footprint on the planet.

We’ve lot of customers in London and we know the difficulty of trying to get to a building merchant due to traffic congestion, the problem of losing the parking spot, astronomic fuel prices and so on. With Snap-It, our customers have access to all C-Tec products in 30 minutes and they don’t have to worry about any of the aforementioned problems.

Also, they showed me their sustainability strategy and what they have achieved so far in such a short period of time. 

Snap-It is a bright, enthusiastic and energetic brand as C-Tec. We want to partner with brands that share the same values as us.

We launched our partnership with Snap-It at our regional meeting in London. We placed an order to test Snap-It and they delivered the item in Westminster in 20 min. We were very impressed! The goal was to show the power of Snap-It to our network and demonstrate that what they say, they deliver. And this is very important to us. 

Snap-it is also helping to reduce the anxiety levels of tradespeople in London, who have to face the capital traffic, find a parking spot, fuel costs, and so much more.