Google and Snap-It united to educate tradespeople on the benefits of moving to digital

A Snap-It courier delivering spare parts with our iconic orange bag

Last month Google and Snap-It joined forces to co-host an exclusive event for tradespeople to explore the benefits of moving to digital and how technology can help them to transform their business.

The event took place at Google headquarters in Victoria, where tradespeople came together to share their knowledge, give their feedback on the different tools and learn more about Google products and Snap-it.

Nathan Tranter, Nest Pro Regional Lead said:

“It’s about getting everyone into one room. Everyone speaking together, sharing ideas, but it’s education. Well, actually, this is why products are energy efficient. This is why it’s great working together. And actually it just makes sense doing everything in one go.”

It’s about education! Provide a good service and educate your customers on the best products to solve their problems. While at the site with your customers, take this as an opportunity to share your knowledge with them.

Harry Tyndall, Chief of Revenue Officer at Snap-It added

“If you turn the hours you spend in traffic into time you spend with your customers, you’re going to make more money. It’s a simple solution.”

Snap-It is a digital on-demand platform that gives tradespeople instant access to any materials they need to complete their job. As part of Google and Snap-It partnership, you can now find all Google Nest products available for instant delivery in London via the Snap-It App.

Viktor Muhhin, CEO & Founder of Snap-It said

“the normal traditional deliveries, they are next day delivery. Normally going to load up the van with stuff and it keeps going around maybe for the whole day. So you don’t really have a transparency of when exactly you’re going to get access to the material. So as an engineer or tradesperson on site, stripping the boiler off the wall and hoping that the new one will arrive before lunchtime it’s quite terrifying, right?”

The world is moving into the digital age and tradespeople need to move with it and embrace the best of what technology has to offer to make their businesses more efficient .

It is common knowledge that, outside of recommendations, consumers in today’s age use Google when looking for a tradesperson. It is now more important than ever, especially if you are looking to grow a business and brand that you take Google seriously. A company with no online presence translates to one that can’t be trusted. On the flip side, if you focus on the power of digital, creating valuable content alongside services like GMB (Google My Business) and Google Ads, it can completely transform your business. 

Top Tip: Ask your customers to leave a Google review on your GMB page and take a picture of your finished work! Potential customers will see this and will help inform their decision to contact you.

Snap-It was built to help tradespeople to complete more jobs on the same day, increase their billable hours and customer satisfaction. And we know happy customers mean more jobs and more money.