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Viktor Muhhin

Words from our founder

Hi, I'm Viktor, Founder of Snap-It. Thanks for visiting us - I'd love to tell you about our journey.

I was a plumber for 15 years and managed my own business. In that time I learnt a lot about the trade industry, and all the aches and pains of managing a large workforce. Every job is different and with over 150k available parts in the UK, knowing what’s needed for every job is not always possible! Every day myself and my team would spend over 2 hours a day shopping, queuing, driving, trying to find parking (and paying for it), sometimes for just one small part. I wasn't alone too - eveyone in the industry suffers from this problem - crazy right!?

This inconvenience creates inefficiencient workforces, significant losses in revenue, and most of all - a lot of headaches! I wanted my team to be focused on the job at hand and not on supply runs, so I decided that I would do supply runs for the team while they remained on site. Acting as a personal shopper I noticed that jobs were being completed quicker and customers were loving it.

I was onto something. 0n-demand deliveries for tradespeople, increasing their billable hours whilst enhancing their operations and most of all - happy customers! Snap-It was born.

We’ve created an ecosystem where every party benefits from Snap-It.

The tradespeople we work with are earning more money and seeing more customers.Their customers aren’t waiting an extra week for boilers to be fixed and we’re generating incremental revenue for our partnered couriers and merchants.


  • Secure incremental revenue
  • Gain your largest customer in Snap-It
  • No operational headaches with a managed delivery service
  • Retain customers with Snap-It unique codes
  • Access to all vehicle types so we can faciliate all order sizes


  • Increase first call out completion rates
  • Increase billable hours and annual earnings
  • Access to thousands of SKU's at your fingertips
  • Save time and money shopping for spare parts
  • Boost retention and referral rates

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